We prefer to be involved as early as possible. We find it beneficial to the client and design team to act as a construction consultant during this process. We offer feedback on feasibility and how certain things affect the budget.

Same goes for new buyers, we’re happy to offer similar consulting on potential purchases.


Throughout the project, we work with the design team to make sure no detail goes overlooked.  We accomplish this by pursuing excellence in our team members and pushing them to focus on their strengths.

We often find our time spent sweating the petty things but find ourselves thankful we did in the end.


Our warranty program is specifically designed to protect your investment.

Additionally, we would love for you to be part of our extended family and consider joining our continued concierge program. Additional Information coming

Our People


Nick Schiffer

Founder and owner of NS Builders with an obsession of quality craftsmanship and working with our team to build really cool projects.

Mike Hume

“I enjoy being part of a team that challenges my abilties as a carpenter and allows me to try new techniques to build projects that help to innovate the industry.”

Chris Callahan

“The high level of quality and doing what is best for the final product and client is what I enjoy about working for NS Builders, it helps push me to be a better carpenter.”

Ken Decost

“Above all the camaraderie between the team. NSB is a positive environment where everyone thrives in their passion. We love what we do and challenge ourselves to exceed expectations.”

Geno Noel


Tom Casey

“Our culture encourages empowerment, growth, and change. It is so satisfying to be surrounded by other young and passionate tradespeople who love what they do, and don’t approach every work day as simply something to just get through.”

Nick Schiffer, Owner and Creator

I’m not sure if I remember it, or if the stories I’ve heard allow me to believe that I do. I was little, maybe two, and I was walking around the hardware store with my grandma. I kept asking her to buy me a “do-da.” After countless times asking, I finally showed her what I was talking about, and it was a screwdriver. I just wanted to play with tools. I bought small toolbox and filled it with all sorts of hard tools. I got to play with them every time I visited my grandma. When I say ‘play,’ I mean hammering nails into the wood flooring in the corner of her kitchen.


“Everyone knew I would be a carpenter or doing something with the woodworking trade.”


When I was younger, I used to make my parents drive through new housing developments to see the construction worker’s progress. I also woke up early on weekends and watched the home improvement and woodworking shows. I even stalked every contractor that showed up at our house. It got to the point that I would do my best to wear the same clothes as them…I just wanted to fit in!

Through the years, my father taught me how to use different tools and invited me to work at his business, Canton Fence Co. Immediately, I took a liking to Al Costa, an older gentleman that taught me everything he knew. When I was old enough, he let me drive his truck home if I needed a ride. He later passed away, but I will never forget the things I learned from him.

When I was 15 years old, I sold my first job. It was a 10×12 storage shed that sold to my art teacher. I called the lumber yard and gave them a material list to have delivered to my first real job site. My mother dropped me off in her Caravan with all my tools and told me that she would be back around dusk to pick me up. I sat there for four hours waiting for the truck to show up. When it did, I was so excited to sign the slip, despite the gentlemen who did not believe it was for me. For 2-weeks, I built that shed and hand nailed every piece of lumber. At the time, the only power tool I owned was a jig-saw and cordless drill.

I insisted on going to a technical high school. I enrolled at Southeastern Regional Vocation Technical High School and focused in House Carpentry. I quickly excelled in the trade. I was often head of the group, but I respected my peers and we would work as team. Later, I went off to college at Fitchburg State University. There, I received a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. Throughout school, I always kept my tool belt behind the seat of my truck and my hands ready to work.


“I took on any project I could and wanted to make sure everyone knew I was a carpenter.”


When I graduated college, I returned to work for my father and continued doing my own projects on nights and weekends. A month later, I was contacted by a large firm to work in multifamily construction, where I would go off to be a project manager that built high-rises. I remember my first interview and had never been to the city. Since I overestimated my travel time, I showed up over an hour early. I sat down with the gentleman interviewing me and he instantly made a comment about my calloused hands. I was embarrassed and apologized, but he explained that he was tired of seeing kids my age graduate school with no sort of experience. He knew with hands like these that I wasn’t like the others.

With 11 years working for my father, 3 years working in multi-family high-rise construction and 9 years picking up my own projects, I decided it was only right to focus on what made me happy. I left the big city behind and started my business, with a focus in residential remodeling, building and custom millwork.

“I strive to provide my clients with the best quality at a fair price.”



The Build

We used Nick to install all new windows throughout the entire house. He was very professional from beginning to end. He walked us through every step of the process and made us feel very comfortable. He did a great job installing the windows and new trim, it looks amazing. Really made a difference in the look of our house. We would highly recommend NS Builders!

Brittany – Norton, Mass

Nick is a professor and an artist in the business. He has the skills of a master carpenter but the mind of an engineer allowing him to do the difficult jobs and manage the even more difficult jobs. Very impressed with his work – communication – responsibility and a true professional.

Anthony – Boston, Mass

I have used NS Builders twice and I would highly recommend using their services. My first experience was for a residential kitchen remodel and the second was for a commercial office build out. In both cases, the finished product was much better than I could have imagined and the pricing was pretty reasonable.

William – Dedham, Mass

We hired Nick for an entire interior renovation as well as a complete deck renovation at our house. All I can say is wow… His attention to detail, communication and project management skill-set truly set him apart from the competition. There are many people that are great carpenters, there are also many that are great project managers, but finding someone that honestly excels in both is very rare. Communication and project management are something that cannot be overlooked when considering hiring in this field and we cannot thank Nick enough for making this a fantastic experience.

Let’s just say we’re looking forward to our next project with Nick and the NS Builders team!

Steve – Scituate, Mass

NS Builders is by far the best of the best out there. My husband and I recently bought a home that was built in 1890 and we wanted to put some tasteful updates to enhance our dining room and living room. We hired Nick and his team to put in wainscoting as well as updates to some of our built-ins in our living room and around our wet bar. Nick exceeded our expectations and took the time to do an absolutely perfect job. There were no cutting corners and his craftsmanship is top notch. Its refreshing to work with someone that truly loves their craft and will take the extra time to get the job done right. Aside from the stellar quality of work that we received, Nick is a pleasure to do business with. Its rare to find someone that has both the technical skills and professionalism that Nick has. We look forward to all of our homes future projects to be with NS Builders.

Caileen – Dover, Mass

I hired Nick of NS Builders to design and build custom built-ins in my living room, install a cast stone mantel piece, design and build a series of custom benches for my sun room, and fabricate and install reclaimed wood shelving for my pantry/breakfast room.

Now that the facts are out of the way — I’ve never been as pleased working with a builder or as impressed by the results as I was with Nick. Courteous, exceptionally talented, a perfectionist and a true professional, Nick worked tirelessly on my home as though it were his own and made sure that every task was done right – whether it be re-fabricating a piece of molding because his first pass just didn’t look right, or putting in extra effort removing and reinstalling a section of wainscotting to make it look like it had been that way since the house was built. Nick also provided top-notch sub-contractors and demonstrated that he only works with the best, from masonry work to house painting. Most importantly, Nick’s passion for what he does is immediately evident. He doesn’t just do this for a living – he does it because he loves it. That, above all else, is what makes him one of the best.


Dave – Brookline, Mass

I had the pleasure of working with Nick at NS Builders for my clients kitchen project in Boston. This was his first time working with German made Leicht cabinets, and to date, besides our own guys on staff, I’ve yet to meet any contractor that pays attention to the details he does when installing our cabinets. He has an amazing design sense and attention to detail, which added a lot to this project. I could not be happier with the end result of the project. His whole team was very easy to work with. If you’re looking for an honest, reliable, flexible, builder, Nick is your guy.

Amy [A Design] – Boston, Mass

NS Builders did a great job. Excellent finished product. The bonus was it was completed on time and on budget. Nick was great to work with and very responsive.

Ross – Boston, Mass

NS Builders is the best! We’ve worked with them on multiple client projects and they’re always super professional and accommodating. Plus their work is A+. Can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

Lindsey [Erin Gates Design] – Newton, Mass

I hired NS Builders to renovate two existing bathrooms in a 1960s deck-house. Nick was able to bring his design skills to the project and solve the challenge of barrier-free/ aging-friendly bathrooms without sacrificing the elegance of a clean modern solution all while working in a very challenging existing structure. As always his crew was respectful of the residents, totally professional and delivered on time.

Jenny – Boston & Lincoln, Mass

I’m an architect in Boston and had the pleasure of working with Nick Schiffer and his team on a recent renovation in Boston. Nick is young, energetic, dedicated to craftsmanship. We had a very collaborative relationship on this project and his creativity really came through. I would highly recommend Nick!

Mary McKee [Mary McKee Design] – Newton, MA

Our Interior Decorator recommended Nick Schiffer as the contractor for our kitchen project Our goal was to increase the functionality and update the appearance of the existing space. The project included cabinets, wallboard, sink, increasing the size of our doorways and windows, appliances, countertops, some electrical and flooring. Nick provided us a proposal which was competitive and professional. We especially liked his craftsmanship approach and his suggestions about how to reduce project costs. He is also a very nice person and easy to work with.
We believe that our project goals were met and, in some cases, exceeded. He was able to find us countertops that met our criteria at a lower cost than we could. The cabinets were beautifully made and installed. He is a master carpenter and it shows in the installation of the cabinets, wallboard and windows. We also wanted hardwood flooring in the kitchen and octagon tiles in the entryway. Nick cut the floor boards so that they were integrated with the tiles. He also installed a decorative tile design that was perfectly executed.
Along the way, we added several additional small projects, including fixing our hallway walls and updating our laundry room. This work was also completed professionally and within budget.
At the end of the project, he had a couple of unexpected problems. For example, the refrigerator door specifications were not accurate and he had ordered a wooden panel based on these specifications. When the refrigerator arrived and he was unable to install the panel correctly, he ordered a new panel at his own cost. In addition, I was unhappy with the color of the electrical strips under our kitchen cabinets. He thought it was a better color because it was less reflective and asked me to live with it a couple of days. I did and when I was still not happy, he found a better color and changed it out.
Overall, we were very pleased with the quality, timeliness and budgetary performance of Nick’s work, and would recommend him as a contractor

Judy – Wellesley, Mass

My client’s asked me to recommend a few contractor’s for estimates for their kitchen remodel. One of my recommendations was NS Builders. Nick came in with a competitive price and great attitude. It was a pleasure to work with Nick Schiffer and his team. He was able to take our vision & designs and make them a reality. Nick was easy to work with, very meticulous and great at problem-solving. My client’s and I are pleased with the results.

Anna (Anna O Design)

Couldn’t have hoped for a better experience and outcome. NS Builders is a 10. I especially appreciate the effort Nick and his crew put forth on elements that might be gray areas in terms of their responsibility. Tilts very much to “the buck stops here”. Professionalism, attention to detail, project management, quality of the work, attitude.

Jules – Charlestown, Mass

Nick and his team are very honest and hard working people. In this day and age they possess important qualities that other GC’s lack, which made a world of difference.I would highly recommend them for future projects.

Their professionalism and commitment to getting the job done right. Also very honest, which is rare these days.

Andrew – Boston, Mass

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