An amazing staircase we built in Bostons Seaport District took the dedication of a small army to complete. This two-story loft previously had a below average staircase with aluminum handrails and traditional wood treads and risers. Eager to update the space the client reached out to us to help them create something spectacular.

Starting with large steel c-channel stringers that would support either end of the solid hickory treads, and carrying these monsters up 10-flights of stairs! These were designed onsite, fabricated off-site and then dropped into place, but only after field modifying one of them due to the size and inability to twist it through the stairwell leading up to this unit. That was when we reached out to Longleaf and had them source and mill reclaimed hickory stair treads. Check out the blog they posted here

1/2″ glass railings were fabricated and installed by the team at All-State Glass¬†We installed steel on the leading edge of the entire loft space to allow for the installation of their aluminum channel which would later be clad in stainless steel. The horizontal section was installed with plastic wedge blocks while the pieces running up the stairs required a fast-set hydraulic cement.

The treads were sanded and a two-part oil was applied to the reclaimed hickory to show off its beauty. Even the old tenons that were cut and salvaged in one of the treads.