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Who We Are

Here at NS Builders, we are a group of professionals who focus on providing the very best construction services. We take our time to get things right, because quality and craftsmanship comes with patience. NS Builder’s founder, Nick Schiffer, learned this through a history of experience.

After 11 years of working with his father, three years with a large construction company and nine on his own, Schiffer founded a company to practice his craft in a uniquely passionate way through quality, craftsmanship and culture that can be seen in the camaraderie of his employees and the high standards of their work.


As a Boston-based residential remodeling and building company, NS Builders delivers handcrafted satisfaction to a diverse pool of clients while fostering personal relationships through a transparent, customer-focused building process. For all projects, our process begins with a two-way conversation to learn more about the personality of the client and the vision for the project. The goal is to partner with clients that complement our talents, so we can create something amazing together. After getting started, the project takes flight in the preconstruction phase.

Throughout preconstruction, we organize a long-term strategy that is mutually beneficial to both parties. On our part, we start by utilizing a network of architects and designers to help us develop preliminary designs, a feasibility study and budgets for construction. The budget and schedule that we create guide our regular team meetings and encourage constant communication with team members to ensure complete client transparency. From here, we move into construction.

During the construction phase, we keep a healthy balance of monitoring the budget, holding weekly meetings, maintaining the schedule, and keeping the client up to date as the project evolves.

Once the project is complete, we implement our standard two-year warranty, which includes maintenance and repairs. Along with the warranty, we offer a concierge service for extended work on a client’s home. We take pride in our projects and the relationships we make with clients, so we want to preserve the integrity of the home for years to come.

Types of Projects

NS Builders has the tools and talent our clients require for a variety of home enhancement and construction projects. We design and build with the client’s comfort and satisfaction in mind.

Small renovations
Isn’t it time that you restored some life back into your home? Whether your project involves creating something new or bringing your home back to life, NS Builders is ready to take on your next home renovation project. These can be defined as changes to one or two rooms where we would traditionally do services ranging from select demolition to full renovation.

Full home renovations
Are you ready to restore your home to that “brand-new” feeling? Look no further, because NS Builders is ready to take on your next full home renovation project. For these larger renovations, we can transform existing homes into something much more aesthetically pleasing and modern.

Custom home building
From the little things to the big things, every detail matters when it comes to quality custom home building. That’s why our team is here to make sure every detail is accounted for throughout the entire building process. Our team is ready to design your ideas and build your home with dedication and craftsmanship it deserves.

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